Tobacco-free snus is also known as nicotine pouches. In terms of format, it is inspired by the Swedish snus, except that it does not contain any tobacco. Tobacco free snus is in fact a smoking cessation tool. It allows smokers to get away from the harmful effects of smoking while satisfying their nicotine addiction.

True or false? Is tobacco-free snus a drug? Nico pouches discusses the subject for you.

Nicotine substitutes

Nicotine replacement products are intended to replace cigarettes. The real danger here is the burning of tobacco. NRTs (nicotine replacement therapy) allow the absorption of nicotine while limiting the health risks, particularly cancers.nicotine substitutes are reduced-risk devices that are free of the thousands of chemical and carcinogenic substances found in cigarettes. They have been developed with a common goal: to offer smokers an alternative to cigarettes in the fight against smoking, which kills 8 million people worldwide every year. Since the invention of these substitutes, studies show that the chances of quitting smoking are doubled.

Nicotine in smoking cessation

While cigarettes release a high level of nicotine into the body, nicotine replacement products do not present the same dangers because nicotine absorption is generally slower. Overall, smoking cessation tools work in a similar way. Nicotine intake is tapered until the addiction disappears.

What is drug ?

According to the French Ministry of Health, a drug is defined as any psychotropic or psychoactive substance that disrupts the functioning of the central nervous system or alters states of consciousness. In France, the most widely used legal drugs are alcohol and tobacco. In fact, for smokers, it is an addiction. The nicotine naturally present in tobacco released in the form of smoke is particularly addictive. In addition, a cocktail of substances present in the cigarette contribute to emphasising this phenomenon of dependence. It should be noted that nicotine is also naturally present in certain fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, aubergines and potatoes. Although nicotine may be considered a drug in cigarettes, it is far from being so in fruit and vegetables.

Nicotine: both addictive weapon and withdrawal tool

If the nicotine molecule is sometimes equated with a drug, what can be said about nicotine substitutes? To understand this, it is important to know that nicotine is an effectively addictive substance. When consumed in the form of a cigarette, the substances released create a psychoactive effect. It stimulates the production of dopamine in the body to provide a feeling of well-being or a temporary boost of energy. Moreover, over time, the body becomes accustomed to nicotine, which encourages smokers to smoke more and more, despite all the side effects of smoking.
However, nicotine is a key element in successful smoking cessation. Nicotine replacement products allow you to control your daily nicotine intake without the toxicity of smoking until you have completely quit.

Tobacco-free snus = drug, really?

Tobacco-free snus has recently been introduced as a nicotine replacement product. It can be used as a supplement to NRT or on its own to stop smoking. Composed of flavours, vegetable fibres and nicotine at different levels, can nicotine pouches be considered as a drug? As previously stated, nicotine is highly addictive and causes psychoactive effects. However, you should be aware that the nicotine dosage of your pouches varies. You therefore have control over the amount of nicotine you need. Note that nicotine pouches are products used as a withdrawal tool: by gradually reducing the nicotine doses, you will initially succeed in weaning yourself off smoking and then off nicotine. Thus, despite the potential dependence of these products, nicotine pouches are much less risky and much less harmful alternatives to combat the harmful effects of smoking.